Stara Telemetry – Your farm in the palm of your hands

In 2015, we took a major step by releasing Stara Telemetry. This technology enables the farmer to access, in real time and in a simple and intuitive way, information about the agricultural machinery through mobile devices with internet access. With Stara Telemetry you have information such as:

Connectable Platform

Now we have innovated even more with the release of
Stara Telemetry conncetable platform.

The information available in real time at Stara
Telemetry can now be easily connected to the
farm’s ERP system. With the
connectable platform, the data generated
by Topper 5500 and stored in the cloud is
integrated with the management platforms,
generating important information to help
the farmer make better decisions in real time at
the property, in a simple and reliable way.

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