Why to connect with Stara Telemetry?

By integrating Stara Telemetry information with the ERP the farmer can:

  • Manage the farm in an integrated and optimized way;
  • Have reliable information of Stara agricultural machinery in real time;
  • Eliminate the rework with data input in the system;
  • Make assertive decisions, at the right time and anywhere;
  • Increase profit and efficiency of the productive process;

And what do you get? Your company is always in the lead!

The market is increasingly competitive and goes towards the integration of information, demanding speed and reliable data. By integrating the information of Stara Telemetry with your ERP you take the lead! You increase your competitive advantage because you can offer more benefits and more comprehensive information to your customers!

* The access and use of data generated by Stara Telemetry are subject to the terms and conditions available in: Terms of Use